Beyond Babel

In Genesis 11:1-9, we learn of a united human race, one in both language and purpose, determined to build a tower in the Plain of Shinar. The construction of the tower was to serve as a monument to human achievement. The attitude of the builders was indicative of those who had rejected God as their Creator. Nevertheless, should we not see the irony in a united mankind, in the name of "collective security", assembling once again in the very place where mankind was originally scattered abroad by God because of their ungodly and ill-conceived unity platform?

The New Babel 
The descendants of the Babel builders are still with us today. Their plan is to create a "global society", and to those who do not understand Scripture, this appears like a good thing. Like the builders Tower of Babel before it, the United Nations, America and the European Union, think of themselves as gods creating a New World Order. They want to be united and secure, but deny the Lordship of Jesus Christ, the Creator, Sustainer, and Saviour of the world. The builders of this modern-day Tower of Babel place man above God. 
a) Philosophically, it represents belief in the priority of the materialistic realm over the spiritual. 
b) Theologically, it involves a substitution of a false god for the True and Living God. The Antichrist will unite all religions into one. 
c) Psychologically, it implies confidence in the achievement of security by means of a global man-made unity. 
d) Educationally, it means problem solution based on adequacy of man rather than guidance of God. 
Nimrod (whose name means 'rebel') was a forerunner of the coming Antichrist, the greatest of rebels. He will use the New World Order to establish his kingdom in defiance of God Almighty. 

Reaching for the sky
The builders of the Tower of Babel were determined to build a tower "whose top may reach unto heaven." 
The spirit behind the New Babel is evolution. Evolutionists believe that mankind is growing towards superhuman existence. While man aim at creating communities on other planets, he is determined to prove that God does not exist by probing them with robots. They believe that man is on the verge of a quantum leap into a new spirituality. We are at the stage where almost nothing is impossible for man; whatever he imagines, he is able to invent.

Globalism is a delusion 
The apostle Paul taught a "oneness" of mankind that can only be recognized by those who understand that God is their Creator (Acts 17:22-31). Ultimately, the solution to mankind's problem is of Divine and not man-made origin. All nations are to seek the Lord (Acts 17:26-27). He is the Saviour. His Kingdom has already been established and "all nations [must flow] unto it" in order to be saved (Isaiah 2:2-3). It is only in this everlasting spiritual kingdom that men out of every nation on the face of the earth will "beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks," and "nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore" (Isaiah 2:4).

This concludes our Genesis Creation Series.

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