Lesson 14

The Result of Believing Evolution

Romans 1:18-32

Our main Scripture reveals what happens to mankind as individuals and collectively when they reject God and the teaching of His Word. Every evil trait of man can be traced back to this one fact - that he has chosen to disobey God. There are only two ways to go through life, God's Way and the Devil's Way. God's Way is a single road, but the other is made up of a multitude of avenues (religions, theories, morals etc.) In this study we will limit of discussion to 'The Result of Believing Evolution.'

The Creator Rejected
Though the theory of evolution was invented thousands of years after the fall of man it is one of the major reasons why God is rejected today. Evolution allows you to believe anything you want to as long as it does not include acceptance of a Divine Creator. The idea of there being a 'God' is ridiculed today, and if there is a semblance of belief, His creative ability is denied. Let's look at a few results of rejecting God in favour of evolution.

Dulled Minds
Evolutionist regards themselves as very intelligent people, but God calls them fools (:21-22). The masses are being brainwashed by scientists who have a deep-set hatred of God. They are not able to think things through and see that evolution is illogical. Their 'facts' come from watching nature programmes on TV, but never investigate the Genesis Creation Account. They are too brainwashed to look up into the night sky and even imagine that there is a God, and reconsider the idea that all creation could not have come about by chance. They would rather believe that their great ancestor was an ape swinging around in the trees millions of years ago.

Evolution and pagan religion go hand-in-hand since they have the same polluted source. In fact, evolution is really a pagan belief system that rejects the God of the Bible for a 'god' of their own making (:23). Whereas pagans chose to worship creatures rather than the Creator, evolution glorifies the creature and rejects the Creator. Both pagans and evolutionists look to nature itself as the foundation of life.

No homosexual will belief that Genesis is a reliable account of Creation, instead he will adopt some form of evolution (:24-28). If man came from the beast then why not live like the beast? There is absolutely nothing wrong with homosexuality once you reject the Bible as God's Word. Evolution is non-judgemental with regards to morals even though its theory demands procreation between male and female of all species. If evolution were true then life would have ended millions of years ago if all species were homosexual. God calls homosexuality 'vile' (:26), and so it should be to all Bible-believing Christians. 

Increase in Crime
All crime is a result of sin, and of course there was crime before Charles Darwin promoted evolution, but as the theory increased so did the crime rate. Today Creation is not taught, even as a theory, in our schools, therefore children have nothing to base their morality upon. As God has been removed from the classroom, so all kinds of evil has multiplied on our streets. Remove the Bible and you take away the conscience of the nation. Evolution has absolutely nothing to offer with regards to morality, no wonder then that our leaders have no answer to societies problems. Romans 1:29-31 lists the outcome of replacing God with man's theories:

a) Unrighteousness - all kinds of evil and injustice.
b) Fornication - sexual perversion and promiscuity.
c) Wickedness - premeditated evil.
d) Covetousness - desiring what others have, wanting more.
e) Maliciousness - spite and viciousness.
f) Envy - jealousy.
g) Debate - argumentative.
h) Murder.
i) Deceit - always looking for ways to trick others.
j) Malignity - malice, the desire to cause pain and suffering.
k) Whisperers - gossiping, character assassination.
l) Backbiters - backstabbers, false friends.
m) Haters of God - no room for God in their lives.
n) Despiteful - treating others with contempt.
o) Boasters - think they are brilliant.
p) Inventors of evil things - new way to commit evil.
q) Disobedient to parents - no respect for parental authority.
r) Without understanding - not able to reason.
s) Covenant breakers - cannot trust their promises.
t) Without natural affection - don't even have human love.
u) Implacable - ruthless, without pity.
v) Unmerciful - no feeling for others.

We are without excuse too
We as believers know that all these things are wrong, yet we rarely, if ever, stand up and speak the truth (:32). In effect we are guilty as those mentioned above. Is it that we too have been affected by evolution? Is it that we are afraid to sound stupid by promoting the Creator? It is no good believing that the evolutionist is misguided if we are unwilling to point him in the right direction. We are guilty before our Creator if we do not stand for the faith.

Politicians try to remedy societies ills, but they will never accomplish it without God. Genesis Creation touches very few lives today, yet evolution has influenced all of us. Evolution is the springboard for all manner of wickedness, and it is one of the reasons why we as Christians do not speak up. When someone says, "I can wriggle my ears as a result of billions of years of evolution", we can reply that we are "fearfully and wonderfully made" (Psalm 139:14). We are all influenced by evolution, but it depends on how we respond to it.

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